Invest Living New Basic

Art. nr: 7350035680221

Small, modern and energy-efficient heat pump for the smaller house, cottage or your garage, probably the most affordable!

Invest in your accommodation - profitable and climate smart

Invest Living New Basic is a modern energy-efficient basic model which has all of the most common and important features. Ideal for the smaller cottage, probably one of the most affordable heat pump in market!

The price, however, despite our model New Basic provides the latest inverter technology and has the function of maintaining heat so that you can prevent frost damage, for example in the summer house. Here you will also feature auto-restart, perfect for example, a power outage. The stylish indoor unit is designed to the extent possible "melt" into your interior.

Invest Living New Basic has an efficient air filter that collects damp articles, pollen and also absorbs odor, excellent for preventing allergic diseases and give a fresh indoor climate. Our model New Basic is a supplementary device also easily controlled remotely through an app on your smart phone. With this, you can also remotely monitor the temperature in your home or cottage.

As all our heat pump models, is of course also Invest Living New Basic specially designed and adapted to our northern climate. We leave one of the market's likely best guarantees requires a lawful and documented installation: 10 years on compressor and 3 years on the heat pump function.